Sunday, June 13, 2010

My First Handspun Yarn

Tra la la! This is my first handspun yarn, spun on my new ladybug spinning wheel which arrived last Monday. I have named my wheel Charlotte, and I love her. My yarn may not be perfect, but it does resemble yarn, so I'm happy. I haven't any idea how much there is or what to do with it, but right now I just want to look at it and pet it. I can see this is going to be a new obsession, and I can't wait to go to The Black Sheep Gathering next weekend to soak in the fibery goodness, watch experienced spinners at work, and stock up on fiber to spin! This is spun from some inexpensive corriedale roving I bought at a LYS. I can't wait to get more practice in!

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  1. You won a little somethin over at Never Not Knitting! Please contact me to claim your prize!